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Lashes Lashes Lashes

Yes they do!

Free naps
Wake up in your makeup!
You can't buy happiness, but you can buy lashes....which is kind of the same thing.

Are you ready for lashes now?

Safe and Effective Beauty | Beautycounter

Have you ever wondered if the products you use on a daily basis are being absorbed into your body?  Are you concerned that they are potentially harmful or  dangerous?

Welcome to Beautycounter, a company dedicated to safe ingredients for you and your loved ones.
Learn more about how you can become a part of this movement to get safer products into the hands of everyone. (don't just only eat healthy & exercise....take care of your external that absorbs into your internal).
#cleanbeauty #safebeauty

Safe and Beautiful

Have you ever wondered if lash extensions are right for you, then please read on.
Eyelash extensions were created to make everyday life a bit easier.  Wake up beautiful and refreshed, speed up your "get ready for the day" routine, and never worry about mascara raccoon eyes.
Lash extensions are safe when properly applied.  They are individually applied to each of your natural eyelashes.  With proper at-home care they will last the life of your natural eyelash.
We shed natural lashes (about 35% per month), so if you would like to keep up your beautiful halo of dark full lashes a 2-3 week fill is necessary.
This is a lifestyle game changer. Now ask yourself:  is this for me? ***Warning eyelash extensions are addicting***